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Concert Crowd


We are your resource to creating the perfect event experience for you, your venue, and your audience.

Event Production

Every event is unique. Our team is ready to coordinate and collaborate all of the details for an effortless event.

Artist Management

Lucky Dog Management is proud to work with artists and groups such as Katie Henry and Black Cat Moan.


Not sure where to begin? With over thirty years of experience in the event building industry, we are your guides to a flawless event.   

Talent Acquisition

We will provide you with the best in entertainment; Negotiate all offers, contracts, and final prices for our clients, who always have the final say.

Media and Advertising

Reach your target audience through the right medium, with tailored messaging and stunning creative solutions.

Special Services

We extend our acquisition services into the following categories: Security, Fencing/Bike Rack, Signage, Technical Consulting, and many more!


Ready to get started?

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